Solving allergies naturally!

Solving allergies naturally!

Tackling seasonal allergies naturally doesn't need to be complicated. Here's a quick guide to snatch back your comfort without reaching for the usual meds. 

First, let’s talk about playing defense. Keeping those pesky allergens at bay is key. Pop a HEPA filter in your living space—it’s your new best friend for trapping pollen, dust, and fur, making your home a sneeze-free zone.

Now, onto the offense with natural antihistamines. Did you know vitamin C and lavender essential oil are champions in calming those allergy symptoms? And here’s a little golden nugget for you - the “Seasonal Bomb” blend. Mixing lavender, peppermint, and lemon vitality essential oils into a daily capsule can work wonders for easing that itchy, sneezy discomfort. These natural goodies are great alternatives to store-bought options.

Lastly, don’t let inflammation get the last word. Natural supplements like NAC and MSM, alongside our trusty antioxidants, are fantastic for fighting off those inflammatory responses that allergies love to bring.

By reducing allergen exposure, using natural antihistamines, and tackling inflammation with a few natural strategies, you can create a healthy shield against allergies. Let’s embrace these steps together and enjoy a more sniffle-free life!


Magic Magnesium + A Chocolate Pudding recipe for the whole family!

Magic Magnesium + A Chocolate Pudding recipe for the whole family!

I could talk a long time about a LOT of things, but few things more than the importance of adequate mineral intake. 

And one of my favorites to park at and chat about is: Magnesium.

Now magnesium is ESSENTIAL. It’s one of the seven essential minerals that your body must have.

Linus Pauling, double Nobel Prize winning chemist, famously said, “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”


Our children are often deficient and we often don’t even realize it!


What are some of the signs? They include (but aren’t limited to):

  1. Grumpiness/Irritability
  2. “Growing Pains” or cramps
  3. Anxiety/Stress

Are you kids experiencing any of these?

As they hit major growth spurts, childrens’ bodies gets really depleted of magnesium which can lead to growing pains, night terrors and trouble settling down at night in general.

Magnesium is one of 60+ minerals that I, and my children, take every single day. 

In my opinion, it’s more important (and beneficial) than a multivitamin; it’s essential for hundreds of biochemical pathways!

And what about safety? Great news. It’s water soluble, and easy to spot when you’ve had enough (your stools will be loose). 


The known benefits of Magnesium are too bountiful to even list in their entirety, but I’ll share a few. 

  • Fights depression (better than drugs in many cases)
  • Balances mood
  • Supports bone growth and health
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Support healthy bowels
  • Improves sleep
  • Stops headaches
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Brain support

Basically…you want magnesium and you want enough of it-for you and your family. 

When sick, it’s invaluable. 

Amazingly, a protocol of magnesium has even shown effectiveness against viral illness.

If you or your child is very deficient, it can take a few days, weeks or even months to replenish. Give yourself time to see the benefits. You deserve it! 

So how can we get some?

Pumpkin seeds are super high in it, followed by almonds and spinach. 

Chia seeds are PACKED!

Choose sprouted raw seeds/nuts when possible! 

An ionic supplement will also get you all you need, and my favorite is Young Living.  In my opinion, it's the best one on the market-it’s blended with 60 naturally occurring and derived trace minerals (like selenium, copper and ZINC) plus herbs that help with absorption. It's called Mineral Essence.

It even assists with hydration of cells, making your water-drinking more efficient! 

To be honest, it doesn’t taste great (although all of my children take it without struggle, so it must not be SO bad). 

I bribe them with a Lily’s chocolate chip

Here are some great ways to get extra “magic magnesium” in your body with!

Dark Chocolate


Pumpkin Seeds

Chia Seeds

Flax Seeds


Fatty Fish (like salmon)




Want a recipe to make your kids super happy, and give them lots of magnesium to boot? 

How about two recipes?

Keep reading!

This Chocolate Pudding  packs tons of magnesium in each bite (but the kids won’t be able to tell!). 


  • Magic Chocolate Pudding

1 cup avocado (the less “ripe” the less avocado taste)

1 ripe banana (the riper, the better)

4 Tbs raw cacao powder

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 Tbs Maple Syrup 

Place ingredients at room temperature into a high speed blender. Blend until completely smooth and combined. 

Chill for a minimum of 30 minutes before serving. 

Here are some of my tips for making this pudding spectacular.
  • The riper, the better on the banana
  • The less ripe your avocado is, the less avocado taste
  • If your produce is more firm, you may add up to 3 tbs of liquid water or your milk of choice
  • You may sub any sweetener for the Maple Syrup
  • A little almond extract is also yummy-it's strong so just a couple drops!
  • Add a drop of Young Living Orange Vitality oil or Young Living Peppermint Vitality oil for a variation
  • Top with any fruit/seeds you like! Chia seeds, crushed pistachios + sea salt, berries, and grain free granola are some of our favorites!

If you liked this recipe, head over to my post for my super cozy and convenient Pumpkin Mag Muffins to delight everyone in your house. 

Are you inspired to get enough Magnesium now?
Tell me what benefit you could use the most!

Pumpkin Magnesium Muffins

Pumpkin Magnesium Muffins

Before being “crunchy,” I baked all the time and was known for it.

Anytime I went to an event, friends would ask me to bring one of my elaborate cakes.

But when a health crisis hit our home and we started cleaning up our nutrition to get well, the sugar and white flour had to go.

One of the things I made often that was always a hit was a delicious pumpkin loaf.

Friends asked me to make it even in the summer….in Florida! 

Seems sort of wrong to eat pumpkin when it's 102 degree heat index outside, but here we are.

Living our best peninsula life, and eating autumn squash with reckless abandon.

When I went to clean eating, I didn’t want to give up my favorite treat, so I found a great recipe for a grain-free, refined-sugar free pumpkin goodness.

Then enter kids, and we needed quick, easy snacks that would nourish their bodies, so muffins became a thing.

If you have been around little ones, you know sometimes getting enough nutrients in them can be a challenge.

Their varying appetites, growth spurts, moods and preferences can affect their nutrient intake greatly.

Sometimes they only wanted a microscopic few bites at dinner. I felt like they were living on air!

So, my goal became finding nutrient dense foods that bite-for-bite were going to provide solid fuel for growing brains and bones and all the rest.

The idea of nutrient dense food isn’t unique to me-many families are realizing the importance of making each bite count, especially for children!

We soon discovered that muffins are pretty much magic kid food.

They’re perfectly sized and portioned (little ones can hold one with two hands…meanwhile my oldest son grabs 3 at a time!), fairly un-messy, easy to transport, freeze well for make-ahead, and come in every variety you can dream up.

That’s why I have tried many ways to pack even more nutrients into the muffins that come out of my kitchen.

Chia seeds, ground flax seed and grassfed beef collagen often find their way into my mixing bowl, just to name a few.

My love for pumpkin loaf and desire to make nutrient dense foods for my children that they’d enjoy is how we arrived at these muffins.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals to your body for so many things. 

I am constantly talking about the benefits of Magnesium.

So I pumped up these muffins to make them magnesium-packed as well…..hence the name Pumpkin Mag Muffins!

Each muffin has 100 mg of magnesium in it-how about that!

The recipe uses a variety of food sources that are known for being full of magnesium, along with other powerful nutrients like omegas - chia seeds, flax seeds, and almond flour to name a few.

If you want to use a boxed mix, like my favorite one from Simple Mills, you can add up to ½ cup of magnesium rich seeds like chia and flax, and even substitute some of the liquid in the recipe for pureed pumpkin to do a semi-homemade version.


This recipe originally appeared in and has been adapted from Paleo Running Mama.

Pumpkin "Mag" Muffins

3 large eggs

1 cup organic pumpkin puree

1/3 cup organic coconut milk (The fattier the better! Full fat coconut or raw cow are my faves)

1/3 cup organic coconut sugar

2 Tbsp pure maple syrup or honey

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1 3/4 cups blanched almond flour

1/4 cup tapioca flour or arrowroot

3 tbs whole chia seeds

2 tbs ground flax seed

1 Tbsp coconut flour

1 tsp baking soda

1 Tbsp pumpkin pie spice

½ -1 tsp cinnamon

small pinch of salt

  1. Preheat oven to 350 and line a muffin pan with parchment liners
  2. Whisk wet ingredients and sugar until very smooth
  3. Add dry ingredients to the wet and beat by hand until very smooth and blended
  4. Fill each cupcake liner ¾ of the way with batter. *sometimes I like to put a couple of pumpkin seeds on top to decorate them!* 
  5. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes, checking with a toothpick for doneness.
There you have them! They're delicious, nutritious, and convenient. 

These muffins store wonderfully in the freezer for grab-and-go breakfasts or travel, and they’re great “help yourself” snacks for bigger kids (and grown-ups!).

If you liked this recipe, you'll love my Magic Chocolate Pudding recipe, also full of natural magnesium!

Do you like having baked goods on hand for quick snacks? What’s your favorite thing to make? I would love some more ideas!

STOP siblings from sharing the ickies with each other.

STOP siblings from sharing the ickies with each other.
It happens every time. 

One kid comes down with it, and you already know it's going to make it's way through the family, one by one. 

But does it have to? 

I'm gonna go ahead and say no
One, cause facts. 

And two, cause I've been able to stop that from happening in my family of six plenty of times!

Great news, right!? 

But how? 

Here's what I do when someone's got the ickies to prevent sharing. 

1. Sharing isn't caring. 
Don't let siblings share things! It seems to go without saying, but when you live together it's hard to even realize where we are being exposed. The ick-carrying kiddo gets their own bathroom, their own chair/couch, and preferably their own room until all better. 
2. Treat everyone the same.
It took me a few years of natural living to figure this one out! The minute I realize one child needs immune system support, I give it to I give it to everyone else, too. The sooner I can boost them, the less time they will be down with "it" too. 

3. Skip screens and sleep
I'm sure you already know the negative effects of "too much screen." The blue light tricks the brain into thinking it shouldn't sleep, and sleep is what a body needs to fight illness! Important immune system work is done during sleep. This tip stops spreading by speeding up recovery. The sooner the ick is gone, the better! 
If you need entertainment, help them use their ears while resting their eyes!
Listen to music
Listen to a kid's podcast
Let them take a detox bath

4. Purify the air 
Separating the sick one helps a ton, but even so, sharing the air spreads ick, and there are other benefits to purifying air too, like making breathing pleasant, scenting the room safely and repelling bugs. We use Young Living Purification blend in the diffuser of every room of the house when someone is sick. It has Lemongrass in it, which is a powerful anti-ick plant that I use in my homemade Hand & Surface Purifier. The atmosphere it creates can't be beat-nor can the benefits!

Do these look like things you can do when one of your kids comes down with something? 

The one FREE thing you can do to help your immune system right now!

The one FREE thing you can do to help your immune system right now!

What if I told you the #1 thing you can do to improve every single system in your body is absolutely FREE?



You don’t need to buy a single thing to boost your immune system. 


When I started doing this one thing, here’s what happened to me: 

💜My skin cleared up at least 70%

💜Dark circles all but disappeared
💜I had more sustained energy all day

💜I ate less without trying (actually lost a few pounds accidentally)

💜I could think clearer & had less brain fog


Are you ready for it?


*stops to take a drink of water*

That's it!

Did you catch it? 

YEP. It's water

As it turns out, grannies advice to drink more water was absolutely correct. 

See the thing is, in the morning when you wake up, you’re already dehydrated. 

At just 5% dehydration, your energy is reduced by 25%! 

Without adequate amounts of water, your brain chemicals and hormones can’t travel freely to flow where they need to flow so that you can GO where you need to go and do what you need to do. 

Your body needs you to drink more water

A few of the more critical functions in the body regulated by water include: 

  • removal of waste through the gastrointestinal and urinary systems,
  • blood and lymph flow throughout the body, 
  • transfer of nutrients to the cells and the removal of toxins, 
  • regulation of body temperature,
  • balance of hormones, and
  • the cushioning and regulation of all organs, including the brain.
  • In Water for Health, for Healing, for Life, Dr. Batmanghelidj writes that water normalizes the blood-manufacturing systems and “increases greatly the efficiency of the immune system in the bone marrow, where the immune system is formed.”

    Dehydration, even subclinical dehydration-meaning you feel thirsty- is a breeding ground for your pathogens. It makes draining mucus and phlegm more difficult... making easier for you to get sick. 

Are you convinced? Good. 

So before you go to bed tonight, fill a glass of water and place it by your bed. In the morning, before your feet hit the floor, sip it down. Before the coffee or tea or whatever. Then, refill that glass after you brush your teeth. Before you shower. After hanging up your purse when you arrive back home. 

Grab a free printable water tracker for a visual reminder and encouragement. 

Start with the morning one, because starting your day by flooding your body with hydrations releases that brain fog, moves your blood and lymph and helps you get going on the right foot. 

Make drinking water enjoyable so that it’s easier to incorporate to your day. 


Are you excited to do this? I would love to hear your gameplan!

Enjoy being HYDRATED!