STOP siblings from sharing the ickies with each other.
It happens every time. 

One kid comes down with it, and you already know it's going to make it's way through the family, one by one. 

But does it have to? 

I'm gonna go ahead and say no
One, cause facts. 

And two, cause I've been able to stop that from happening in my family of six plenty of times!

Great news, right!? 

But how? 

Here's what I do when someone's got the ickies to prevent sharing. 

1. Sharing isn't caring. 
Don't let siblings share things! It seems to go without saying, but when you live together it's hard to even realize where we are being exposed. The ick-carrying kiddo gets their own bathroom, their own chair/couch, and preferably their own room until all better. 
2. Treat everyone the same.
It took me a few years of natural living to figure this one out! The minute I realize one child needs immune system support, I give it to I give it to everyone else, too. The sooner I can boost them, the less time they will be down with "it" too. 

3. Skip screens and sleep
I'm sure you already know the negative effects of "too much screen." The blue light tricks the brain into thinking it shouldn't sleep, and sleep is what a body needs to fight illness! Important immune system work is done during sleep. This tip stops spreading by speeding up recovery. The sooner the ick is gone, the better! 
If you need entertainment, help them use their ears while resting their eyes!
Listen to music
Listen to a kid's podcast
Let them take a detox bath

4. Purify the air 
Separating the sick one helps a ton, but even so, sharing the air spreads ick, and there are other benefits to purifying air too, like making breathing pleasant, scenting the room safely and repelling bugs. We use Young Living Purification blend in the diffuser of every room of the house when someone is sick. It has Lemongrass in it, which is a powerful anti-ick plant that I use in my homemade Hand & Surface Purifier. The atmosphere it creates can't be beat-nor can the benefits!

Do these look like things you can do when one of your kids comes down with something? 


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