Why pockets matter.
For months she has had and worn this dress, but only today made this discovery.
When she found the pockets, her little face broke out into a mile-wide smile and she exclaimed, "Mommy! God saved these pockets to surprise me with them! I really like them! Do you? He just gave them to me." 

Her perspective hit my heart deep. She wasn't disappointed that she hadn't been enjoying the pockets up until now. She wasn't so distracted as to not appreciate the discovery.

She was aware of the goodness of her Father, who had hidden this sweet thing away for her. Just recognizing His presence and attention towards her brought such depth and blessing to so simple a thing.

I don't think it would have been as special or sweet if she had known about these pockets from day one of owning the dress.

Receiving the pockets later gave it meaning- a lovely little surprise that He had set aside for today, to remind her He loves her and is thinking about her.

Sometimes, I think, we wrongly determine that because we don't yet have something we desire, that He is withholding it from us. This little lesson reminded me this is not the case.

Proverbs 25:2 says, "It is God's privilege to conceal things, and the king's privilege to discover them."

And sometimes, I think we are so concerned with other matters, we forget to recognize that He is literally with us every moment...a doting Father wanting to surprise and delight us.

Thank you for the lesson today my sweet girl! Your mommy and daddy love you, but your Father loves you even more. 

"Lord, thank you for hiding away the sweetest gifts for me to discover. I ask you to help me be more aware of your presence and constant interaction in my life. I want to know what you are doing, and participate in whatever way you want me to. Speak, Lord, I'm listening!"


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