3 ways to make water intake easy!


 Drinking enough water is an easy pathway to wellness. By drinking enough water during your day, you can make a huge impact on your mind and body. 

The typical suggestion is half of your body weight, in ounces, per day. 

For example, If you’re 162 pounds, you would aim for 81 ounces of water each day, or about ten 8oz cups. 

Sometimes this can be a challenge, but here are three big-impact ways to make water intake easy!
Flavor your way to your goal! Without enough water, your body can't complete vital activities for optimal energy, balance and overall wellness. Sure, you can survive....but not thrive.

 At just 5% dehydration, your energy is reduced by 25%! 

The process of getting nutrients into your cells and toxins out is called cell water turnover. I believe the efficiency of this process in our bodies is the basis of physical health. 

But it is tasty? Not always. So let's make it better...AND I make this easier by adding super clean natural electrolytes and flavor from plants. 

Be sure to understand your source for water and additions, so that you’re not adding to your toxic load as you hydrate. 

Only the pure stuff, girl! 

Here are some ideas:
  • Slices of citrus or sweet fruit like strawberries or apples to satisfy a sweet tooth
  • Slices of cucumber and lemon for a refreshing glass!
  • Squeeze of all-natural electrolyte water drops (see tip two for more on why this is a double whammy!)
  • Drop or two of pure, edible essential oil
Add electrolytes for better hydration. Just because you drink a glass of water, doesn’t mean that water make it into the cells and tissues-you might just be excreting it out! 

What a waste of time, right!? 

How can we make sure your water gets where it needs to? This is where electrolytes and trace minerals come into play! 

Electrolytes direct the water to the places it’s needed. I have effective, clean electrolyte drops that I love, and my kids do too! 

It’s so yummy, my kids call it “candy water,” even though it doesn’t have a single bit of sugar in it!

Get natural electrolytes from:
Track yourself! It might seem cumbersome, but find a way to do it that works with your style, personality and schedule.
  • Set your cell phone alarm to every hour during the day and chug a small glass
  • Fill a large water bottle and bring it with you all day
  • Use a water tracker 
In need of a water tracker? I've got you covered with a free printable!
And if you want some more encouragement and education, check out the free
Water Intake Challenge
in Wearing Wellness!
Remember what I mentioned about understanding the source? It’s important to know that not all plant-based products are created equal, and that includes natural flavors and essential oils. 

You can’t just grab a bottle off the shelf at the store and trust you’re getting what’s pure and going to actually work.

 I don’t want you to throw your money away on junk stuff. 

Thankfully, I’ve got a source I trust—and they’ve also got my amaaaaazing electrolyte drops that my kids call “candy!” 

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Information courtesy of Janelle Bass. This article is for informational purposes only. The information here is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases, conditions or illnesses. Always ask your healthcare provider for advice before beginning any health routine