Siblings + a Prayer for Mom
This is what they're like in photos...

and this is what they're like, actually.🤪

When I was pregnant with Alice, a big prayer on my heart was the she and her big brother would be best friends.

One day while driving in the car with 1.5 year old Calvin in the back and Alice in my belly, I felt the presence of God rush through.

As I opened my mouth to pray to respond to it, Calvin started talking instead.

"My baby, fun. My baby love. Play baby!"

He, a baby himself, was kicking his legs and smiling as he said it.

I started to cry because the Lord showed me that He was revealing to my toddler that his sister was a gift, a blessing and an honor.

God speaks to babies!!!

Two days after she was born, the midwife was leaving the appointment room but suddenly turned around, looked straight in my eyes very authoritatively and said, "Oh and THEY (pointing to them) are going to be best friends their whole lives. I see that on them" and then just left.

God has taught me so many things through raising my children, but one thing I hope you, mama, will walk away from with this one.

I believe with all my heart that siblings are intended to be blessings to each other.

They're on purpose.

Their personalities, giftings, preferences, and desires are chosen by God to work together with each other and fit like a puzzle. Each piece alone isn't enough to create the ideal landscape: but together they bring clarity and form beauty.

And I believe my job as a mother, isn't just teaching them conflict resolution and sharing. 

I believe it's to teach them to honor, appreciate and ENJOY each other. 

This is a cry from my heart that I believe any mother can pray and receive. 

When I learned the power of asking God to speak to me regarding my children...when I learned He always says, "Okay....." and gives insight and changed everything. 

Print it out, write it up, read it, say it, but don't go another day, Mama, without receiving His divine help!

"God, in Jesus name I thank you for creating my family perfectly in your divine wisdom. Help me to see the unique purpose in my childrens' similarities AND differences. Reveal those things to me AND to my children. Give me wisdom in guiding their interactions so they honor you and each other. Show me what you are doing and what you are saying to my children, so that I may cooperate with you. Speak, Lord! Your servant is listening. I trust you!" 


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