Get ready to press the easy button on your wellness!

“Short version- I’m almost 48 and I feel….28 give or take.”

- Mom of five

“My energy level is so much higher now and my cravings for afternoon snacks and desserts are gone too!”

- Grandma of three

They don’t have a secret. 

It’s something that we have available to us, and we are getting together within our wellness community and claiming those results for our own selves in a 28 Day Challenge!

Being tired is hard. Being exhausted is difficult. Making changes is daunting. 

Do you want something different?

To get something different, you need to do something different. 

But it doesn't have to be hard.

In fact, I believe that real wellness change happens from tiny tips. 

The key is the right tips, and a community to support you in it.

Basically, an "easy button."

I'm about to share with you my most impactful tip ever...

Here's the deal.

The ladies above have figured out how to unlock benefits like:

more energy
improved mood
no afternoon slump
better eyesight
deeper sleep
improved hydration
less pain/inflammation
balanced blood sugar
lower cholesterol
lower weight (without changing diet...really!)
stronger immune system
and and and...

 by drinking just 2 ounces from this bottle, getting the antioxidant power of:
4 cups of grapes
1 cup of goji berries
5 whole cherries
1/2 cup blueberries
75 pomegranate arils
1/2 plum
1/4 cup aronia berries
Every single Amino Acid
B1, B6 and B2
Vitamin C 
Trace Minerals (zinc, potassium, etc)
and more!

And it takes them less than 1.75 minutes each day.

Here is where the power comes from.
And it's so powerful, we made a 28 day challenge out of it! Keep reading!

Ningxia Red. What is it?

There is too much to begin to describe on what this juice can provide, but here's the short list: 

whole body nutrition (of hard-to-get minerals & goodness)
energy support
normal celluar function (this is huge!)
antioxidant power (fight aging and inflammation!)
overall wellness
good health
eye health
d-limonene (the c-word hates that!)
stress defense

You can grab a little light reading (science-y but good) on this berry here.

What's different about the berries in this bottle, is that it's infused with world-class therapeutic essential oils, added for immune system support, absorption of nutrients and flavor. 

It's also better than organic grade, packed with minerals and vitamins (which is unique to the Ningxia Wolfberry compared to other wolfberries) and pureed with the whole fruit for maximum enzyme action and nutrition.

How do you press the easy button?

2. Join the community on Facebook
3. Drink 2 oz each day, October 1st-28th

We will have giveaways, raffles, live videos, and fun!

That's it!

All the fun will happen in the group, so join in now!

This challenge, and all the bonuses, content and fun, are free! 

All you need is to bring your Ningxia Red.

Remember, this is free! 

All you purchase are your supplies. 

And friend, I'm unapologetic about this!
On principle, I don't recommend things I haven't used and paid for myself. 
Our entire family drinks this daily, and have seen incredible results, like others in our community. 

You're going to pay for health somewhere. 

Invest well. 

You get the power you need, and I'll provide you with the motivation, encouragement, community and fun!


When you visit the Young Living site at the link above, choose the "other premium kits" and the one you want is the
 Premium Starter Kit with Ningxia!

You'll get not only 2 large bottles of Ningxia Red, but also 30 2oz packets for completing your challenge on the go, and a box of Ningxia Nitros, which are infused with green tea power to give you a boost at any time you need one during the challenge.

It's time to press the easy button on your health.

You want something more. 

Let's get it, together.

Still have questions? I'm here for you! Contact me anytime.

Need more insight?

Let's chat! Set up a free 15 minute consultation with me to see what we can accomplish together.