I am so excited to share more info with you! 

1. Order your Ningxia Red if you haven't already. Look at quicker shipping to get it here on time. 
Order 102 ounces per person resetting!

Hint: New customers use SHAREYL on 100+ order for a discount. Current customers grab yours with Loyalty Points (free!) or add to your Loyalty Order, update shipping and "Process Now." 

2. Join the 14 Day Reset Group on Facebook. 

3. Print your Participant Packet: 14-day-reset-participant-packet-9-10.pdf

4. Read + follow the prep steps in the packet so you're ready on October 9th!

14 Day Reset Facebook Group

I'm thrilled to be able to offer this much-asked for, transformational reset to our Living Well With Janelle Community. 

It will be coming to your email inbox soon,
so be sure to add hello@livingwellwithjanelle.com to your address book right now 
so you don't miss it! I have an important question for you at the bottom of the email!