3 Ways Women Can Beat Exhaustion

Most women have been there: the brain is going a mile a minute with 17 different “tabs” open and music playing somewhere that you can’t figure out how to turn off…but the body feel like it may fall to the ground if it has to walk one more step today. The desire to “do” is there, but the ability is…elusive. You’re not alone. And the good news is, many women I know (including myself!) have found easy solutions for capturing that zeal once again. Here are three super-simple ways to get your energy, motivation and ability back-including a free recipe for my Happy Hormones roller bottle- a must have for all women, on any day of the month.  
Your brain is thirsty.
Really, it is!
Your brain is 70% water. At just 5% hydration (before you may even notice you are thirsty), your immune system is 25% less effective. Dehydration contributes to energy and hormone imbalance. Who knew? The general recommendation is to drink half your body weight in ounces each day (ex: 150 pounds, you would drink 75 ounces or about 9 cups of water). I make this easier by adding super clean natural electrolytes and flavor from plants. Be sure your understand your source for water and additions, so that you’re not adding to your toxic load as you hydrate. Only the pure stuff, girl!
Want a free printable to track your water intake...and maybe a free challenge too? Check out this link for 3 ways to make water intake easy!
Your phone alarm is ready.
And waiting.
It’s easy to become (and stay) swept up in the routine stress and consumption patterns we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Being mindful of your mind, body, spirit and the space you physically and emotionally occupy is so important. Using your cell phone alarms, set 5-10 times throughout the day to stop, internalize and release. Ex: “I feel frustrated doing this task. This is making me act sassy. I release the responsibility of this situation and will choose to have joy while I finish. It might not look perfect but I will leave it in better shape than before.” I like to add deep breathing to the release portion of this, paired with specific plants that affect the brain positively. It’s incredible how shifting your focus throughout the day can have a domino effect on your body, mind and life!
For more super in-depth and actionable info on Balancing Healthy Emotions, hop in this free learn-at-your-own-pace class on Facebook!
Your cells want balance.
They have needs too, you know!
When it comes to safeguarding your wellness, bringing balance is key. Real change happens when we incorporate daily practices (no matter how simple) and products that support our wellness. Our bodies are made of parts which are made of cells which need some attention! They require nourishment and support. 

What supports your cells?

In addition to hydration, here are a few ideas:
- Antioxidants (goji berries, acai berries, camu camu)
- Power Greens (Gprouts are great to sprinkle on top of any savory meal, or into a smoothie!)
-Trace Minerals (Your cells needs these to run! Get one that's balanced and safe)
- Essential Oils (citrus oils are especially energizing!)

My favorite things to incorporate daily to balance my body and help it feel powerful are high antioxidants and essential oils. 

Once I started incorporating just these two things, my well-being shifted dramatically. 

I now actually have energy to run around and play with my kids outside- something I always wanted to do but just couldn’t muster the energy for. The right nutrition actually helped my body balance my hormones better, even!

Thanks to the internal support of my special daily drink and powerful plant constituents, I have more energy chasing around three kids than I did when I was chasing after one! I don’t even remember the last time I saw a doc for something other than my regular lady check-ups. 

Check out the archived LIVE class, Hot Mess to Blissful Beauty and treat yourself to some helpful information!
Happy Hormones Roller Bottle
Your cells will thank you!
Happy Hormones Roller Bottle
Want to watch me make this? Click here! 

5 drops Lavender
5 drops Ylang Ylang
5 drops Frankincense
5 drops Clary Sage
Drop into a 10mL roller bottle, then top the rest of the bottle with V-6 or carrier oil of choice.
Roll underneath the belly button, on inner arms and/or thighs when you want a boost of balance. Apply as often as 3X per day, depending on preference.
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Information courtesy of Janelle Gonzalez. It is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any conditions or diseases. Always consult with your medical provider before beginning any supplements or diets.